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  • ₹ 790.00
    Our Microdermabrasion crème is ideal for ‘spa-like’ skin polishing & exfoliation. This high concentration crème helps reduce wrinkles, face scars, evens skin texture & color. Frequent use...
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    ₹ 230.00
    3 in 1 cleansing formula instantly strips away impurities, dirt, make-up and excess oil effectively cleansing; leaves skin perfectly clean, toned and hydrated. (For Dry to Normal skin)   
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  • ₹ 630.00
    Formulated to sooth and moisturize the skin whilst effectively removing impurities, this water base cleanser will leave your skin feeling clean, nourished and well hydrated. Natural Plant extracts...
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  • ₹ 690.00
    “White Essence” Brightening Cleanser is enriched with skin lightening extracts that penetrate deep into the skin to remove the dirt, grime & excess oil from the skin leaving it clean &...
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  • ₹ 600.00
    Have a Pore-Less Skin!! An advanced formula enriched with the natural and botanical complex having a deep pore target system specially formulated for penetrating deep into the pores for maximum...
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